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The Empty Skies

The Fantastic Life of Atticus Hart

I'm Atticus Hart - or at least my alias is. I'm a seventeen-year-old from Brighton in England; I go to college to study English Literature, Drama and History. I'm aspiring to one day become an author, my mind usually meddles in the fantasy/science fiction area but I do deviate from that sometimes; I also need to put pen to paper this year and start a big story. My FictionPress account is under my Web Page link but I've only put one thing up there so far as I've been very busy. My music tastes can range from metal (some metal...) to jazz, I'm not a fan of a lot of modern bands - that's not to say I dislike all of them - such as The Arctic Monkeys. I've been playing guitar for over five years now, I have an Ovation Celebrity acoustic and a Fender Telecaster.
Ok, so that's enough about my hobbies and interests, let's go onto my personality. I seem to have three mind-sets, one of them is eccentric and wild (not in that way...), another is totally indifferent and the other is cold and detatched; I'm usually either one or the other or the other. I like to think I'm protective of my friends and family and that I would go out of my way to help them the best I can. I like getting into deep conversations with other people - it's even better when drunk - about anything really. I'm not one to go out to large parties or clubs, I enjoy going to a pub or sitting inside - or outside if it's summer - with friends to drink at weekends and such.

That's all for now, as I can't think of what else to write; maybe I'll come back and edit this one day, but not now.